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Noelle LaCharite
Speaker, Author, Leader, Coach
About Noelle
Noelle LaCharite is an evangelist. She is passionate about helping women in technology rock their careers without sacrificing happiness, harmony or love.  

She is also excited about Conversational AI (Alexa), Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony and empowering women in tech to achieve more

She has spent many years as a trainer, architect, and evangelist for IBM, RedHat, EMC/VMware, Amazon, and now Microsoft.  

She has taught tens of thousands of people the value and importance of conversational AI, mindful leadership, and work-life harmony

She is now an advocate, career coach and spokesperson for Women in Tech worldwide and AI for Every Developer. She has delivered keynotes, workshops and conferences around the world. She is the founder and host of the LadyCoders podcast, AI for Every Developer podcast and leads several meetup groups and conferences nationally.
Be yourself and change the world.
~ Noelle LaCharite ~
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